Bubble slowdown? unpkg waiting

Anoyne experience any slowdown in apps loading? I m seeing unpkg waiting…

From my device it looks like unpkg is not working right now.
This can affect you only if you are using plugins that request libraries from unpkg.
Of course this has nothing to do with Bubble because unpkg is an external cdn.

It looks like there are issues since yesterday:

how can we know which plugins use unpkg?

The source code of the plugin is a good starting point

any clue how we could do that?
the issue sucks

It is probably a free plugin. So you go through the code of each free plugin and check if the header has a dependency. Or you check the console. It probably logs the position of the dependency and there you can see which plugin causes it…

Or you deactivate each plugin after each other and always reload and check when it stops loading the dependency…

experiencing the same issue. Let us know if you find out the root cause. I will do the same. For me it started last Thursday and seems to be hit or miss on when it happens, more hit then miss unfortunately.

same here. its good that the issues is only on the admin side. the front end its fine so probably a plugin. need to check the plugins used in backend

libraries loaded from unpkg are used on the frontend only. If you have problem with backend actions of a plugin it’s probably a different problem.

backend - I mean admin side (still some sort of a front end)

unpkg slow down is back (at least for me).

If I go through my plugins later I’ll let you know which ones use unpkg for me

yup :frowning:

Happened to me a few hours ago as well. Not cool — I was in the middle of a demo meeting too. How can I see what plugin of mine is using unpkg?

From this thread you will have to look at the plugin’s source code. I think it was feather icons for me, but not sure. search “unpkg” and another thread has some listed.

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