Does HTML5 video player support .MOV iphone files?

Hi All,
I’m having real hard time finding any information on video player plugins that support .MOV files. I’d think with iphone likely being the most popular mobile phone, there’s a high demand for a plugin that allows iphone created video files to be played within an App. I should be able to directly upload the file into my app from my iphone but there’s no information on that anywhere. The HTML5 plugin by Bancos app seems like an option but don’t want to spend $60 to find out it doesn’t support .MOV. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Unfortunately, the official answer to this is .mov files are not generally supported by HTML5 video players. This is the main reason why sometimes they fail to play but saying that, it does depend on what codecs are used in the first place. It’s possible to play some .mov files using a mime type of “video/mp4” whilst with others this may not work and you might find “video/quicktime” will work instead.

You should really look at converting any .mov files to .mp4 first because that format is widely supported by all browsers. I have a rather intense plugin that will attempt to play these files by trying various mime types first but it’s not always successful.

I’ve been contemplating on adding a client side action into this which will attempt to convert to .mp4 or maybe creating a plugin of it’s own just for .mov to .mp4 video conversions that run server side but I haven’t go around to doing it yet.

I’ve actually got iPhone .mov files to play without any hicups when using video/mp4 so you might be alright if you use that. Try creating yourself an HTML element in bubble and adding this to it

<video width="400" controls Autoplay=autoplay>
  <source src="<dynamic link to your mov file>" type="video/mp4">

To get the file uploaded from your phone to your database, you can use the File uploader element and save the file output as a field in your database.

Thank you @pork1977gm ! I’ll give it a try. I’m rethinking my strategy from cost perspective and may want to use an external video service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Hi @pork1977gm , I think I have hit a wall so may need to request your help for consulation if possible. At a very basic level my App needs to allow a user to upload bunch of videos (each about 3-5GB) that another user should be able to access and view when he/she logs into their account. Once the videos are uploaded (onto Youtube or another serivice) the link should be dynamically added to the bubble database which can then be viewed using Video JS or other viewers. Using Bubble AWS would be easier but it’s too expensive to store so many videos. I’m looking at Youtube or other services but don’t know how to integrate. I’ve looked into Zappier as well. I’m looking for a seemless solution. Any recomendations? Thank you in advance!

You could use MUX, they’re brilliant. Or maybe Wasabi as they’re cheap to. When you upload a video to MUX they will automatically convert the video for you and give you a URL that will play on all devices.

Thank you! These look to be promising options. Looks like there’s a way to automate the process to allow user to upload to MUX through my bubble App by using FileUploader which is what I’ll try doing. And then once uploaded I’d get a URL link that a user can use to access the videos. Doing that now and hopefully I can reach out to you for consultations. Really appreciate it.