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Help with Zeroqode's Video Player plugin. Can't play MOV video file uploaded from Mac computers

Hi @zeroqodesupport, I downloaded your’s Video Player plugin.

My application can use your plugin to play MP4 video file uploaded from any devices and MOV file uploaded from mobile phone normally. However, it can’t play MOV video file uploaded from any Mac computers, and will play a black video. Although it does play the audio and follow the length of the video file. Could you pls help me? I don’t know how to fix this problem…

Hi @2022.kien.letrung, thank you for your message, and thanks for using our plugin :hugs:

The issue you are seeing is quite strange, and I was not able to reproduce it on my side. This might be related to the setup of the plugin itself. Please check the message I have left in the below thread.
Please take a look and let me know more details regarding your use case.

Zeroqode Support Team