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Does the google map search nearby places work?

First off, i have very little background in coding but i do understand some of the concepts. I was wondering if you can help me out. I got a few questions i would like to ask, if you don’t mind.

1.)Does the Places Nearby Search work in the Google Maps API?
2.)If it does, is it possible for me to search an address/location (lets say “Times Square”) which will show on the map on the same page as the address/location input, but at the same time it will show me the nearest church to Times Square on a map on a pop up?
(like telling the work flow to add the word “church” in the address/location input so it can show it on the map on the pop up?)

I hope someone can help

  1. Not quite sure what you mean here. The Maps API is more about putting a map on a page, or doing directions. Places API is more about finding Places. However you can happily integrate the two in Bubble, so you can show Google Places (via plugin or direct via API) on the Bubble native map. As long as you have an address, you can show it on the Bubble Map.

  2. Yes, that is perfectly possible. “Church” is already a type in the Places search, so you can get the first church near the input address and display it on the map.

caveat : you might need to pull multiple churches back, sort by distances, and then show the one at the top of the list back. I am not sure the default sorting in Places.

Thank you, that helped me a lot. You made it simpler for me.

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