Google Places API configuration

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I’ve seen there are a few different Google Places API threads here but I’ve clicked through a few and none of them help to the extent that I need. All of the questions are so specific and I need to start from the beginning. I’m new to Bubble and I’m BANGING :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: my head against my computer trying to make this work so I apologize if I just haven’t found the solution in the forum.

OKAY :sweat_smile:

Could someone PLEASE :pray: walk me through how to use the Google Places API for this specific use case?:

I’m trying to create a way to search for a street and then create a repeating group that shows a variety of information about different Google Places near/on that street including images, reviews, name, details and more.

I’m very stuck! Please help. Thank you in advance :raised_hands:

This should give you all the concepts you need: Create Custom Location Search Results Using the Google Places Plugin - YouTube

Hey Zaque,

I’ve actually watched that video! The problem is that it doesn’t show how to search by location or how to pull information from Places that aren’t showing up in the options like photos or reviews.

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So you could save the results of the api to your database or a repeating group and then do a search or filter against that. Kind of depends on your specific needs.

For other Places data which wasn’t included in the plugin, you’ll need to replace or augment by setting up your own calls using the api connector. There are lots of tutorials on the forum, but it’s a more advanced topic.

I’ve actually been banging my head on this today too. There’s an optional parameter to sort the results by distance, which wasn’t included in the plugin either so I’m debating if I want to set up the api too :slight_smile:

On a whim, searched the plugins and noticed there’s another plugin by Airdev which has some more options. Hopefully that solves both our problems! (I see they have reviews :grinning: )

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Awesome. I’ll try that out and report back :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Any luck with this?