Doest not contain first and last item


im trying to create my first app and im struggling with select waypoints to map, which does not contain first and last item (start and end of route).

I want to write something like this: Repeating grop´s list of addresses:each item´s address does not contain first and last item

Could you please help me to write it?
Where i can find some syntax manual to learn it?

Thank you!


Are you trying to display a list of addresses excluding the first and last item in the list? Or are you trying to filter the list of addresses to not show some other list’s first and list items?

If the first one, then you can do Repeating Group’s list of addresses:minus item:Repeating Group’s list of addresses:first item:minus item: Repeating Group’s list of addresses last item.

The only documentation I am familiar with is here:

Thank you for reply. I mean the first one.

I already tryed a lot of combinations but all of them include yours ended in red

I really want to understand this logic… :smiley:

Thank you.


Hi @stoklasa.michal666 .

First, create a custom state called “my_total” (number) in your page (let’s say, in the index) and create a workflow to link it’s value with the “Repeating grop´s list of addresses:count - 2” you can do it during the page load or link any other workflow with this…

So, if your list have 6 addresses, the index’s my_total will be 4.

Now you can write the code below to exclude the first and the last address:

Repeating grop´s list of addresses
:itens from #2
:itens until #my_total
:each item´s address

This will eliminate the first and the last element of your list.

Hope it helps! :+1:

Thank you! Your workflow working well!

But Google map extended doesnt work :frowning:

Do you have some experiences with that?

Thank you.