Going back to the first data in a repeating group list

Hi everyone!

I need your help again. How does the workflow look like for a button to trigger repeating group list to display the first item or however I want the order to be?

Thank you! T____T

Do you mean some sort of pagination?
Bubble has some actions for RG like “show next”, “show previous” and “go to page”.

Not really… For example, you took a quiz online. After completing the quiz, you choose to retake it. How can I do that, like go back to the very first list of the repeating group? :)) Thank you for responding, @artemzheg ! :smiley:

So how quiz is organised in your app?
As I suppose you are displaying some fixed number of cells. Each cell displays a question and something to choose and answer (dropdown, radiobuttons…). Am I right?

Thanks @artemzheg, the quiz goes back to the first item, I suppose. I’m struggling with keeping the user’s progress because now, it keeps coming back to the first item in the repeating group. :confused: I just let it be. Thank you.

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