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Doing a Search for a URL Parameter

I am working on a referral program within my app, where an individual can share a link with others - and the link contains the User’s Unique ID. When someone signs up I save the User ID from the parameter, and preferably it will save as a User data type and not text.

I tried this by having the Unique ID from the parameter be searched against all users, and then the correct user will be connected to the new sign up. The workflow is shown below:

The problem I encounter is that no User is getting saved from this workflow. I included saving the Unique ID from the parameter as text to make sure it was correct, it does work and match the exact ID of a User. Anyone have ideas why the search can’t match the ID to the user?
Or know another way to run a similar referral program?

Not sure of the problem. Though alternatively, you could have a separate database just for referrals. Than you could create a field that’s type “referral db” under user database. From there you could do several things like have the user create data and then, you could use the “created by” field to see you referred.

Thanks for the idea, always great to hear how others might structure the data.
Also, I realized my workflow is actually working perfectly how I wanted - however I was trying to view the data through the backend where it only shows a Search Field, and not the current Things value, so I just thought the value wasn’t saved when it actually is

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