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Domain setup error


Something is wrong with my domain setup.
It s the first time i get this:

Any advice?

Thank you

I’m getting a different error than you. It looks like it’s in process of propagating maybe? The error I get says, “Oops! You’ve pointed to Bubble, but we don’t have an application associated with this domain yet!”

i see this when i try to access the website

this is the old website

I get:

Can’t resolve the name so either I would guess there’s something wrong with your DNS settings, or it’s propagating still. “They” say up to 24 hours but most often when it’s not updating fast, there’s an error.

yes. i m waiting a little more. Thank you for your help guys

@emmanuel i’m still having issue with this domain, Do you have any idea what is wrong?
This is what i see:

It’s a little weird, becuse, friends from abroad are telling me that the website is working fine :slight_smile: I ll wait a little more

It’s probably a propagation issue, what is certain is that from your screenshot, this is not pointing to bubble (yet)

i have a server, which is located in Denmark, and i can work from there. Here in Romania, still it not works so i ll just need to wait a little . Thanks for quick reply

Yep, it works fine here. Make sure you only have one A record though, if you kept the old one it’ll work for some, but not everyone.

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