Don't redraw HTML element when screen size changes

We’re using HTML elements to include an iframe with a URL for a video conference. When users re-size their browser then the HTML element gets redrawn and their video connection gets cut off. Does anyone know a way for us to prevent the HTML element from redrawing / automatically cutting off our users video connection?

That’s something that is related to how we handle responsive. If you don’t want this behavior, having a non responsive page is probably (unfortunately) the best way to do it.


Thanks. I should be able to make non-responsive work on this page. Definitely better than having the video connection killed each time the page is resized.

This HTML / video conference element is on a page with many others (1 page app concept). Do I need to make everything fixed width, and that’ll turn off responsive? Or, just the other elements that are visible at the same time? Any other ways to limit the number of elements that I need to make fixed width (such as, perhaps, having the HTML / video conference element in a reusable group, or some other round about way like that)?

Did you try? I think it’s fine if just the element is fixed-width, but you can easily test.

Yes, I tried. Having only the 1 element being fixed width doesn’t work. Was hoping you’d be able to explain how the system works instead of me having to reverse engineer it through experimentation.

Well your experiment shows that the whole page should be fixed width.

Elements gets redrawn in responsive mode, for most HTML elements it’s okay, but sometimes, it will break things. It’s unfortunately something we can’t do too much about, because each HTML snippet is different, and having the general behavior is not something we can do currently.

@sridharan.s scott out of interest did you stick with fixed width or find a solution?

@emmanuel the native bubble video plugin handles responsiveness to a point …it will not carry on playing a video but at least it doesn’t kill the video all together. Would me going down the custom plugin route be worth a punt or am i barking up the wrong tree?

We’ve made the page fixed width, and then use javascript to place elements where we want them so that it seems to the user as if it’s full size.


Scott thanks for the prompt reply and information