Don't show same result

I have build an app where people register when they take away items.
They fill in their name and company number.
What i made is when the person fills in their company number it will sugest what is the person’s name.
So 2 buttons next to the fill in field show a suggestion and when clicked it will set the button’s text in the fill in field.
All off this did succeed but i have one problem. When one person has took away something the last 2 times with his company’s number both suggestions show his name.
How can i set the text in the button to pick item 3 when item 2’s name is the same as item 1’sname?

Logic used behind showing person’s name is not visible…Any workflow details. Considering the idea its not that difficult to show a single name if its from user table as only one user can be there (primary field depends)

There is a database with all company names with their company numbers. also there is a database with all time’s someone has took away something. there is no user database because we don’t who the company will send and this changes all the time.
What i have configured is when the company number has bin filled in the buttons will search for the first en the second last time someone has took away something with the filled in company number and show that 2 names.
If you need to know more please let me know.

Can you post a table & workflow screenshot, This is like Blind men and an elephant :wink:

What do you want to know this proces isn’t easy to capture in one screenshot.