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Remove Search box suggestions/show only one entry for same names

Hello everyone!

I am working on a search box where user enters a number and then presses a button to search based on the input of that search box. When user is typing the number, is it possible:

  1. To not show multiple entries for the same kind. For example, number “3333333333” is assigned to 2 documents and when the user is searching for 3333333333 named document, the search box shows 2 entries- (3333333333 and 3333333333 (1)) as suggestions. Is it possible to just show “3333333333”


  1. Do not show a dropdown at all?

Please let me know:slight_smile:

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Hey @harshiva2693,

Try taking advantage of the :unique elements module to remove duplicates from a list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @iamsalar, could you pls help me how to use :unique elements option? Where can I find it?

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The Search Box doesn’t allow you to add any filtering options (like :unique elements) to the source list. However, we have seen cases where a dropdown was used instead of search box just to get access to those filtering fields. Users will be able to type certain letters to quick-find their selection. Reasonably, not ideal. :unamused:

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