Download images from external clouds to bubble's database using workflows?

I have images stored on an external cloud and can be retrieved and viewable on Bubble - but is there a workflow where I could upload files to bubble’s database?

For example the way to upload images currently us using the picture uploader element where users have to select a file then bubble automatically uploads it onto bubble’s database → Currently we can dynamically change the picture uploader’s value but can’t find a workflow where we could trigger this upload function

Any insights will be very helpful!
Many thanks

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Hi @phetxdphet,

Why would you want it in your Bubble database rather than the external database?

Hey @johnny! Thanks for the question.

I have files stored on an external database, but my app has a page screenshot function that can only capture images that are stored on Bubble’s database (CORS limitation) → thus I need to temporary store a file on bubble’s database so screenshots can work.

I see, maybe this blog post by @petter would be helpful. I’m not sure what your exact setup looks like.


Yep I’ve tried that and works as required - thanks for the tip!


Glad it worked!