Can files stored in Bubble be uploaded to other forms directly?

Hi all! When users upload files to Bubble, can they directly access them to upload those files to other sites? For example, let’s say a user stores a JPG profile pic on the Bubble app, and then when they encounter a third party site that requests a profile picture, when they click ‘upload’ is there any way that file can come from the Bubble app instead of the user’s local drive? I hope that makes sense and thanks for any suggestions!


Thanks for your post! If you are looking for an option like when you can choose an image from a service like Google Drive rather than your device, this is not currently supported with built-in Bubble features. You may explore some custom solutions here, or share this idea on our ideaboard which our team uses to inform what we build next.

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I’ve done just that, thanks @jess!

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If Google Drive is an acceptable solution for you there is a couple of plugins that might help you out. Trigger the plugin on user upload so the picture get synced to Google Drive and you are good to go.

Thanks for this @codecompany ! Can you recall what plugin you’re referencing?

Search for “Google Drive” and there is a few choices. Good luck!