Download .mp4 files

I’m trying to create a download link that lets users download from a dynamic link. I’ve tried using links, which just takes users to the videos itself. I then tried using the Download Progress element and linked it to a button, which worked fine until I hooked my app up to our domain (it may not be the cause, but it certainly wasn’t a problem prior to that).

I also tried using the Downloader plugin (the one that uses wf to download) - that didn’t work either.

I then tried sticking a static link in there - didn’t work either.

I tried with images too and it didn’t seem to work. I wonder if I messed with a dependency unknowingly? this is actually a bit tricky because the files are hosted on a different domain (s3) so what you’re seeing is correct browser behaviour.

The reason it’s not ‘popping up’ like a regular download like you expect is because the files on the serverside (controlled by bubble) don’t have the Content-Disposition header set → Content-Disposition - HTTP | MDN

The download approach could work but you might have to try another plugin.

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Got it. I think something went wrong on our AWS S3 account. The bucket we used disappeared (doesn’t show up on our management console) but our objects still exists. I assume I’ll need to make the Content-Disposition change change on AWS S3 to solve this issue.

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