Challenge allowing users to download a file

Hi folks, the short version is this:

Users have files associated w/ their account. Typically they are hosted with a link, or via a file data type. All have an external URL to a CDN. I’d like to give them the ability to download those files from their browser.

I’ve got a table set up, it’s got options to download. I’ve tried:

  1. Simple HTML with <a href="url" download>Download</a> but that just views the file. It refuses to download.
  2. The File Downloader Plugin | Bubble. The workflow runs great, I see the file URL. The URL is correct and works in a browser. But nothing happens when the workflow runs.

I think I may have read somewhere that modern browsers don’t like to download files that have a different domain? I don’t know if that’s my problem or not. If so, what are the work-arounds to take an external CDN link and stream it to the browser as if it were from the same domain?

THANK YOU for any thoughts,

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