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Hello, I am using the file downloader plugin by airdev:

For some reason my intended file is not downloading.
This is the current workflow:

When testing using debugging, the correct image gets shown for downloading:

But literally nothing happens after, no file gets downloaded. Any ideas why?

I tested with static image and file was successfully downloading, but in this case with dynamic image it is not downloading file yet not sure why.

Any ideas? Thanks

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I’ve tried multiple download image plugins and same issue on all of them.

I wonder if it is a bubble issue on downloading images?

Can you share one of your dynamic url?
Did you test in different browser?
I don’t think also that multiple download image will work (browser security) but I’ve never tested.
One possible issue may be related to CORS

Sure, here is one example of a dynamic url generated:

It’s not multiple download images at once, it is one image at a time, but the image itself is dynamic. (If thats what you meant).


For some reason putting the link in above message uploaded the image, so here is link again but broken in half so you can directly access link

Just tried testing in separate browsers as well, still not downloading.

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