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[New free plugin] File Downloader

Hi all,

We’ve just released a new free plugin called File Downloader! This allows you to run a simple workflow action to download a file through your browser (and specify a file name!).

To use it, just search for the File Downloader plugin and add it to your Bubble app. Once added, you’ll have a new action available called “Download file.”

Currently this only works with individual files (including zip files), but the ability to download multiple at once (potentially as a zip file) is in the works!

Demo: run-mode / editor

Please send any questions, issues, or suggestions to [email protected] or reply to this thread!

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Thanks for the plugin. :wink:

and action:

Works like a charm! Thanks @david2

Would be great to allow preview of PDFs in a popup or browser tab, instead of downloading.

Doesn’t work on my app unfortunately :frowning:

Great plugin, very simple to use.

I just encountered an issue with some types of file uploaded by my users, like .msg files.


HI David,

I’m not able to get the download plugin working. I’ve saved the file to my db. I have a repeating group with a download icon, here’s my workflow:


Nothing is happening after I click on the download icon. I’ve also tried to Set State with the current record and download from the Set State condition, but nothing happens. Also setting the dynamic link to the file’s URL.

I’m using chrome.

Please advise if I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you,

Great plugin, thanks for creating it.

I’m having an issue downloading .stl file extensions. Works fine for .pdf though. Any ideas on why?

Hi David,
Could you please help me how can i download multiple files ? I would like to download all the files uploaded.

Two way: I have created a plugin to zip files: RELEASED - plugin JS Zip file generator
And ZQ have one that will download list of individual file

hi @Jici Thanks for your message.
Before I try this, I would like to know whether I can multiple files from same record as well as multiple records.

My database is designed like, 1 record can hold upto 7 files. And there can be many records. Hence I want to download all of them at once.

@yuvanesh yes it should work for my plugin. I don’t know for the ZQ one.

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I figured this could prevent some people to go nuts:

I use this plugin in many apps, and I couldn’t figure out until today why the download workflow action was working with some apps and not with others.

Long story short, something might be missing in the File Downloader plugin: if you add the plugin “Air Copy to clipboard” as well the download workflow action of the File Downloader plugin will work as expected.

Probably working if you combine with some other plugins as well.


I am having issues with this plugin in Safari 13.1. It works on Chrome but the workflow does nothing in Safari. Thank you!

Hey @Lucien can you tell me exactly how you did this?
I’m running into the exact same problem. File Downloader is not working.
I tried simply installed the Copy to Clipboard plugin. That didn’t help.
I tried adding the Copy to Clipboard plugin to my workflow, but what is its purpose there?

Sorry, did nothing more than install the Copy to clipboard plugin (did even involve it in the workflow).

Your issue could be on the contrary that another plugin is messing with the file downloader plugin then :confused:

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Plugin does not work…

Does the plug-in work?

Used recently. Working here.

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Hi @david2 , thank you for the great plugin!
I am now looking for a pluign which can save data from url to DB, but not to user’s device.
Do you plan to upgrade the function or do you know alternative way?

I need to save the files whitin 30 mins after the file is created. This action is triggerd in a backend workflow.