Drag and Drop Can't Move Droppable Group


I am using the drag and drop plugin and having a bit of a hard time with what seems to be something not working properly, or would be a great addition.

I am trying to set a drag/drop group as “droppable”.

Then when I go into the workflow to select move a drag/drop group I am unable to select the drag/drop group that is designated as “droppable”.

However, when I select the drag/drop group to unchecked “droppable”

I am then able to select the drag/drop group to be moved

This seems like a bug or maybe a nice additional feature to implement. I will in the meantime create a set of workflows to hide / show the groups on a drop and then reset the coordinates before showing them again as I want to create a slide function to display options such as delete or edit.

So far I have been able to make a pretty decent slide left, slide right feature for mobile to be able to open up edit options or save options (depends on buttons added).

Basically I created a left and right drop area. Then created two different drag/drop groups. They are similar in contents as they are linked to the current cell in the R.G. they are inside of. The difference is one has delete and block buttons.

I’m trying to make it so that the drag/drop group can look more fluid when it is swiped and the other drag/group with edit features moves in.


With this setup I created the following workflows to show and hid the two different groups based on moving left or right.

I’m trying to figure a way to make the motions more fluid as the drag/drop group that is leaving the screen first bounces back to its original position before starting it’s animation off screen.

I could set the drag/drop group to a “post behavior” of hide group, but the problem with that is the group just remains in the position it was left in after swiping, so it is not centered when you make it visible again.

I’m having problems finding a way to set the position back to it’s original position. I’ve been trying to use the plugin “editing position” that was recently uploaded as a free plugin. I can’t figure how to use it properly to make the group move back to its original position inside of the repeating group if I were to hide it after drop.

Maybe @lstk.kb@gmail.com knows what I could do as they are the creator of the plugin. Or maybe somebody else has a solution that could work.

By the way I am looking for a free solution. I realize their are plugins available for certain things but I really actually enjoy figuring out how to get bubble to do what I want with out needing to pay for code or plugins as I am not only non-technical, but also broke and love the idea of building a platform for nearly nothing.


это пока вся документация :slight_smile:

page for testing plagin

thanks @lstk.kb

Could you please put a link to the editor as well? I always find it most helpful to be able to see that inner workings so I could implement into my own apps.

Also, do you know of how to set the position after moving it, so that the element is in the same position on page load? For example, if a user moves the element from X100 by 100 pixels to X200, when they load the page again the element will be located at X200.


Set the position in the plugin X = 100 and Y = 100 .
When you restart the plugin will return the item to its original position.

Actually, my question was more about how to make it so that the position when the plugin is restarted would be equal to the position that it was set to when moved.

For example. I have a user to wants to place objects on the page to represent a room layout of tables. Each object represents a table. When they move an object using the plugin, that the new coordinates are saved so that on future page loads, the object is placed where the user had dropped it.

I’m not sure if there is a workflow function that allows us to saved the coordinates of an object after move. I also don’t know if there is a way to set a custom state equal to the objects dropped coordinates.

Ultimately I am planning to attempt setting custom states and have the plugin coordinates set to the values of the custom states. I supposed that would enable me to save the dropped coordinates in the database and have conditionals on the plugin that when page is first loaded (only when the coordinates in D.B. are not empty) use the coordinates to set the position of object.

Perhaps too a separate group for editing object positions and another group for loading and displaying set positions.

Was just curious to see if there was built into the plugin a quick way to save coordinates of dropped objects through workflows.

I use a plugin to create a slide from individual images. The user arranges the pictures on the slide. By clicking on the button, I save the coordinates dx1 and dy1 to the database. During the slide show, I dynamically pull these values in X and Y