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Drag \ drop group


I do not know if I am missing something here.

I have created two drop areas and inserted one drag\drop group to one of them and made it draggable. If I am running my app in preview mode the drag\drop group jumps back to its original position if I try to drag it from its original position in drop area A to drop area B.

Am I missing something here?

Appreciate your help.


Hey Kalev :slight_smile: Do you need a workflow to occur when it is dropped from A to B (which also hides the droppable group)? If so, you can set up a workflow for 'When A Drop Area Has A Group Dropped On It"

And then create the workflow you need to occur when the droppable group is dropped into the Dropzone. For example, if your app allowed Users to write Blog Posts, the droppable groups could be the Blog Posts, and Dropzone B could be a trash can. The workflow action could delete the Blog Post that was just dropped into Dropzone B. (It’s probably best to show a confirmation before deleting anything though, but just as an example).

If you just need the drag/drop group to be moved, you would uncheck ‘make this element droppable’ and the group will be draggable to anywhere on the page (unless you check ‘constrain movement within the parent’).



Thank you very much for the explanation.

I think I understand how it works and how to setup the workflows. What I am experiencing is that if I make the drag/drop group droppable and drag it from droppable area A to droppable area B it jumps back to its initial postion in the droppable area A. It wont allow me to drag it from one area to another at all.

I can create an example in the evening and post the public link if this helps.


Allright I think I have finally figured out how this works :slight_smile:

You have to assign a workflow to a drop area to have the droppable group not to move back.


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Awesome! Glad you got it working Kalev! :slight_smile: Also just wanted to say that you can move the draggable group through the workflows, to other elements, by using: Element Actions --> Move A Draggable Group