Drag and Drop not working on mobile devices

Hi, how do i get drag and drop to work on mobile devices? It works on my desktop and laptop but does not work on my iphone and android phone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @omarpele,

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Are you using the Draggable Elements plugin by Bubble? If so, in the Bubble Manual, they do note that “The drag and drop plugin may have less smooth behavior on certain older browsers. Also, note that the smoothness and performance of the interaction will depend on your particular implementation of the plugin, meaning more complex implementations may see slightly degraded performance. We encourage you to test your implementation to see if you are happy with the resulting user experience.”

Hi Johnny.
Thanks for your reply. I am using Bubble’s draggable element plugin. The drag drop group doesn’t even move an inch and i’m on the legacy plan. The strangest thing is, when i use my bubble app that isn’t on the legacy plan it works perfectly on my mobile devices. I can only think that i need to delete the drag drop plugin on my legacy plan app and reinstall it. I’m just thinking what i will lose if i did that. Anyway, i have a lead to investigate. Thanks for getting back to me and if you have any more info, please let me know. Thank Again. :smiley: