Drag drop groups stopped working on mobile and I'm freaking out

Dear god. This cannot be happening. I’ve put so much care and work into my app just for this to stop working. I feel defeated and destroyed. I used drag drop groups previously and they worked mobile. Now they just randomly stopped… This is the absolute center of my app and without it… it’s all worth nothing. Please, someone help. I can’t find anything on the forums or figure this out. I have poured my heart and soul into this and I was about to get this ready for appstores. What do I do? When I try to drag them, it’s as if nothing. As if they were regular static objects.

Are you using the JQuery Draggable elements plugin? I use the same one and my elements are still behaving normally. Maybe it is some other issue?

I’m having the same issue.
Drag/Drop groups freeze or get stuck on mobile. Either in Chrome or Firefox (Android).
Works fine on desktop.

Oh this is so upsetting… maybe this is just how it is. I might just have to make a plug-in for this soon.

I also had trouble with Drag n Drop on mobile and tablets.

Bubble JQuery Draggable Element uses a version of jQuery UI Touch Punch 0.2.3 that is known for having issues. I just add jQuery UI Touch Punch.

It has to load after the default jQuery Ui, so I insert this code in a Plugin Element Header, which also allows me to copy it easily across apps. The grabbable class is defined by the Bubble JQuery Draggable Element.

<script src="jquery.ui.touch-punch.js"></script>
       .grabbable {
            -ms-touch-action: none; 
            touch-action: none !important;

Hi I have the same problem, where exactly should I insert this script ?

Thanks in advance