Drag and Drop Page Builder

Hey bubblers,

I had some time this morning so I created a drag and drop page builder!

View the app here

Really just a proof of concept, but I built a little demo app that allows users to create pages, edit them using a drag and drop editor and then view them. There are still quite a few bugs.

But this can be customized to allow users to build email templates, custom profiles or anything else really!


On mobile but looks like it’s GrapeJs? I’m sure it’s a lot more fluid on desktop.

Yeah not built for mobile,

But yeah exactly!
it’s a plugin that is using a slightly modified version of GrapesJS

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Very cool!

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I can’t seem to view the page I built, it’s just a blank page with the unique ID in the URL. I also tried disabling ad-block.

What email did you sign up as?

I can take a look at it

This is really good and it’s something that I would pay money for!

If you could do the same with a HTML email builder as well then you can just take my money now!!!


HTML Email builder is 100% possible!

DM me your specific use case


Nice work! Really impressive

The UI is very similar to Webflow. Amazing.

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How the hell do you throw this together in one morning? lol. Great work and thanks for sharing.

Having had a look, I’m wondering now if it is possible to solve a UI/UX challenge that I previously thought bubble wasn’t capable of handling. The requirement is to enable my PAAS/SAAS end users to create their own basic flowcharts / mind maps with connections to the bubble database. (e.g. clicking on step 1 of a process flow could open a popup for the user to view additional contextual info such as lower level task info or work instructions). All data in this use case (process info + diagrams etc) to be created within Bubble. It would require each shape to have its own unique ID for linking to other data tables.

So am I dreaming? I thought I was, but then I saw this snazzy piece of work… Anyone have any ideas?

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Look good. keep up.

It is definitely possible! But it would just require a custom plugin that uses a javascript library built for making flowcharts.

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Hi Ryley,


I am thinking about building an instructor blended course builder that in in the same spirit as what you build.

Is it something that required plugins / additional apps to create or did you do it in Bubble default environment from scratch? I wonder how you geneated that right panel builder!


Hi @ryley.randall ,

Thank you for showing that this is possible!

How do you see this progressing? Will you build a plugin?


there’s a plugin for grape.js called Web & Email Builder

Thanks @trybizrep , Ive checked it out and the editor seems to load, but from there I’m not sure how to save a template / load a template / assign data to a block etc.
I hope there will be some documentation soon.