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[New plugin] Free Web & Email Builder (drag and drop)

Hi there,

Here is a free plugin (using grapes.js) to create both a website builder or email builder.

There is an action to add custom blocks and set the content (and get the value).

Here is the editor to see it in action:


Is this still functional, I am not able to preview the page or use it on my app? Thank you!

Works here…

Hey thank you for getting back to me. Can you see what I did wrong in this screen recording:

I do get the following error on the page however:
The plugin Web & Email Builder: Drag and Drop / element editor web threw the following error: anonymous
[email protected]

Hope this helps,

Thank you!

Thnx. Ill look into it later today

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Hey, I’m not trying to create pressure, but any ideas?

Here there. I made a fix yesteeday. Not finished yet. Will continue on monday.