Drag and drop to upload

Hello everyone, I have a query.

Looking to build an app where user’s can simply drag and drop their file(jpg, png) on the body to upload without the need to click a save button.

Secondly the images that are uploaded can be update (version control) when a user makes any change to the file by simply dragging and dropping the updated file on the old one,

Note: The old file will still be retrievable by version list.

My issue is, the drag and drop feature to upload file without saving and then also update the file by dragging and dropping the newer version I checked multiple plugins and docs to see how to approach this but unfortunately I haven’t been successful,

any tips?

I think you could use the multi file uploader to do this. https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.multifileupload.MultiFileInput

You can create a workflow that is triggered whenever the multifileuploader’s value has changed and do whatever you want with the images being uploaded.

If you want users to still have access to older images, you can just create a list of images in the database and add the latest image that a user uploads to that list. So, you wouldn’t be updating old images, you’d just be adding new images to a list of images. Hope that makes sense.

Hi @Jacob

Thank you for the reply I do understand what you mean, that’s actually helpful much appreciated, however the logic is haven’t seem to grasp is the ability for a user to drag and drop a newer version of the file/image for it to be updated.

In a more summarized answer, how do I create the drag and drop action on an image/ file

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