Upload multiple photos at a time and see each individual photo as you go


I am trying to set up each user to have the ability to upload multiple photos at one time (either by clicking multiple or dragging and dropping) and have the photos show as they are uploaded. In the multi-file uploader the files show up as a list only. I’ve seen forums where the photo that was last uploaded shows, but I need all the photos that are being uploaded to be shown. Also, it would be even better if the user can drag and drop the photos they uploaded to change the order of the photos.

Here is a photo of what I am trying to do:

Thanks so much for your help with this!!


I have gone over your requirements and a confident I will be able to achieve your goals

You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com



Thank you for sharing the details of your requirement, I have checked the details and can help you with an ease in minimal timeframe and cost. Please add me on Skype: cis.am1 or you can email me at steven.cis20@gmail.com

Reply Awaited.

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I came across your request and I think we can help you with the issue you got stuck. Please send us your inquiry using the form at the bottom of our web-site https://bubblewits.com and we’ll get back to you shortly to discuss your project.


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