Drag&drop area in new responsive engine

Hi everyone!

I try to create kanban dashboard for tasks with the Draggable Elements plugin in the new responsive engine. But when I try to create Drop Group I see only fixed height (also some element double in Layout tab):

Did you have any plan to fix the Draggable Elements plugin for the new responsive engine?


The Bubble team said in a different thread that yes they will update this plugin eventually to work with the new responsive engine. It’s just a matter of time for when they get to it.

I have a couple of crucial pages for my app that rely on this plugin so that’s what I’m waiting for, too.


Thank you!

+1 for fixing this. Also a reminder to backup your pages before converting to new responsive engine. I forgot to backup a page and now it’s unusable due to this drag/drop area problem.


Yes +1 on this. In many ways I love the new responsive engine, so when I redesigned all my pages using it I made some extra tweaks. Now after reading this thread it looks like I’m going to have to revert to the old responsive engine for this particular page that has drag and drop, which will now look inconsistent with my newly updated front end!

Hopefully they fix this soon because it’s super annoying.

Also, I assume this is related, now when I drag a ‘drag group’, the content inside it disappears. Not sure if this is a glitch, or maybe it’s just the way I’ve tried to hack my way through it. With the old responsive engine it was easier to nest groups within groups, but now with flexbox it’s a bit trickier.


+1 on this one! My app is useless without this… Filed a bug about it.

I have exactly the same issue…Eventhough the responsive engine is in beta, in my opinion, at least the plug-ins made by Bubble should have been updated with the release of the Beta…

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+1000 Updating this to work with the responsive engine would be much appreciated

Any update on this anyone?


@nickc any updates on this being implemented?

Drag and drop is a core functionality of many apps.

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Queued for our next sprint!


@nickc Drag and drop in the element tree would be cool for the new engine too. :blush:


Happy to know that it scheduled. But does it means that the plugin will be updated in next week, next month, in 3 months :thinking:
By the way, the new engine is fantastic
Thank you

Happy to hear! We use this everywhere as well.

Looking forward!!

Same situation here! Would love to see this be the top priority of your sprint. Love the new responsive engine. But my app is handicapped without the drag and drop working properly…

Hi All! Bug fix for this went out yesterday afternoon. Let me know if your draggable elements are still misbehaving. Thanks!


Hi @nickc ,
It seems that the Drag/drop group + the Drop Area are not responsive. It behaves as they have fixed-height & fixed-width.


Thanks for pushing out that initial fix @nickc. I was so pumped when i saw it when I saw the change in the editor

I am seeing alot of improvement with the plugin, but it’s still appears to not vertically or horizontally resize according to its child elements. To @elena point.

Thanks for flagging - will dig into my test app to see where there might still be bugs.