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Drag Drop Data Elements

It would be really cool if we could have a list of data elements (list of fields from our things) that we could drag and drop onto the page.

Right now, pages that display a lot of information require the tedious process of creating each text element, then clicking on it, inserting dynamic data, choosing the element, repeat, repeat, repeat. Since this is such a repetitive process, having the list of data-elements (perhaps have a “data” section on the UI Builder window) would make creating elements sooo much faster.

We thought about it but wanted to offer the flexibility of designing each cell in a repeating group. How would that work? How would we pick the fields to display?

Here is my best attempt at a live mockup…I’m thinking something added to the UI Builder tools area like this:

Given how many clicks are needed to build that in the dropdowns, not sure that improves things dramatically to be honest…

It takes a single click to “build it in the drop downs” so I don’t really see the issue there.

Let’s compare. Assuming we’re dropping data elements into an already pre-defined repeating group.

Current Way: (5 steps)

  1. Click Text Tool

  2. Drag onto workspace

  3. Click Insert Dynamic Data

  4. Click Current Cell’s thing

  5. Click the field to display

Proposed Way: (1 Step)
Assuming we don’t count the single click it takes to expand the fields under each thing

  1. Drag Field from Things selector onto work surface


It’s not dramatically different for just a single element, or even a couple. But let’s run the math on inserting 15 fields.

  • Current Way: 15 fields * 5 steps = 75 steps
  • Proposed Way: 15 fields * 1 step = 15 steps

I only got a B+ in Differential Equations, but I’m pretty sure 15 is a whole lot less than 75.

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I see. We’ll put that on the wish list, but given how the interface is, please do not expect a quick thing there.

Sounds good, thank you!