Form builder - is this possible?

Hi all, is it possible to create a form builder with drag and drop feature, so all my users enquiry forms looks different?

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Yes. Have an option set for “question type”.

Rough Database structure:

  1. Client
  2. Form
    -client (client type)
  3. Questions
    -form (form type)
    -question type (option set)
  4. Question options (for things like checkbox or multi option select)
    -option title
    -option order
    -question (question type)
  5. Answers
    -question (question type)
    -answer value

UI will have a repeating group that either is a list or paginated sorted by order. You will use pre designed UI with input elements for each question type displaying based on which question type the added question is and visibility conditionals. Ex in the repeating group if we are on question 1 and the type is text input then show the group with text input box.

There’s a few templates that exist you can model around


Hey @lisaalger, we built a custom form builder for an application for my client, it is called In general the feature is possible to do in Low-code, however they are kind of advance and requires a few pro-code manipulation to get done.

Yeah, It is definitely possible to do so. You’ll need a plugin called draggable elements and a good understanding of databases with bubble. If you need any help, you can ping me.

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Fully doable with Bubble no-code functions.

Set up your database and UI thinking through how to model it for a “form builder”. I know it sounds obvious but should you choose to embark on this journey using this approach … you may find that it may be simpler than it looks. I detailed most of what is needed in a few posts in the past. Here is one of them:

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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