Drag and drop issue

I am trying to create a multiple drop areas with a repeating groups inside, so any element in any four drop areas can be dropped anywhere and I don’t seem to be able to achieve it.
Could you please point me to some tutorials which could explain how to combine drop area, repeating group and drag and drip group in this way?

You would place the Drop Area in the cell of each repeating group then also place a drag/drop item in the cell of each repeating group. Then be sure on the drag/drop item to check Make This Element Droppable and make the Post Drop Behavior be Move Back. The last step is to make sure your workflows would have the dropped items sort correctly to be in the correct cell of each repeating group. Meaning when you drag an item from one repeating group to another it needs to have its data changed such that it now does not fit the criteria to displayed in its original repeating group and does fit the criteria to be in the new repeating group.

I have done this but for my case it made more sense to make a title of sorts for each repeating group and I put the drop area in the title section above each repeating group so that I did not actually drop the areas in a specific order of a repeating group but instead just dropped it at the top and then it would be sorted to the bottom of that list.

Hope this helps. I can’t really share the page or link to the editor but that is pretty much how it was accomplished. Also this was not from a tutorial or any documentation but just trial and error.

Thank you! I will try to do that

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