Drag & Drop Hierarchical Tree - Anyone have this?

Hi all! I love the Tree with Drag and Drop Reorder from here: http://forum.bubble.io/t/tree-with-drag-and-drop-reorder/5318

But that code is no longer available and trying to find it so I can use something like that for my own system. Anyone by chance have this example lying around so I can borrow the code?

Does anyone know anything about the Drag and Drop Tree above? Is there a reason why the example disappeared and is no longer available?

The likely reason is the creator of the app deleted it.

Right that’s what I figured, but does anyone have a copy of it or something similar? Definitely in need of something like it and can’t find any other examples

Sup @cognilytica,

I’ll post them when I have time!

I can’t possibly be the only bubbler out there that cracked robust drag n drop lists and hierarchical trees… amirite?

I’m just really busy trying to meet my release date.

I’ll post about this if I get a chance!



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Unfortunately I have not yet heard from anyone else. Would love it if that code from that example could be made available so I check it out. The example linked above is perfect!

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