Drag/Drop on Custom State List (no database fields)


Has anyone managed to get the typical drag/drop feature to work in a repeating group where the order is modified on the data source but instead of the RG using a data source that comes from tables and an order field, it uses a custom state list instead? If that makes sense. I wanted all images stored in a custom state list first and then a Publish button that when clicked uploads them all. I couldn’t find a way of modifying the order of custom state list or knew if it was possible.

I’ve come across a couple of decent posts/tutorials on here and previously had @fayewatson help us out so I can do it fine when it comes to using a table but is it possible with a custom state list??

Just wondered!

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Did you ever manage to answer this question @pork1977gm ?

Actually I think I did this, take a look here
paul-testing-1 | Bubble Editor

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thanks a lot mate. I’ll have a look at this and try to work it out how I can apply it to my use case