Draggable Top Bar Only

How can I make it so that only one element within a larger draggable group can actually drag the group? In the photo attached, I want the dark grey area to be able to drag everything else, but not vice versa.


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Were you ever able to find a solution for this? I am facing a similar issue. Thank you for the help!

hi @ts11, I spoke to Jeff at bubble about it and he said he thought that making an element not clickable would do the trick. It turned out that wasn’t the case so he said he would submit it as a feature request to the eng team. I haven’t checked back in, unfortunately, to find out if it was put in their planner or not

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Thanks so much for the quick response here. Does seem like this should be easier than it’s proved to be. Please let me know if you hear any updates. I will do likewise. Thanks again!

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Best option i believe would be to have a repeating group in the user page with a source search and with a constraint of user = logged in user if you can provide me with a link to the bubble editor page I can show you what I would do if my description of the action is not clear.