DragTablePlus plugin - sorting columns by nested fields


I’m currently using the DragTablePlus plugin for tables. It’s great! (Thanks @Jon2)

I’m using the DragTable+Row “Column Sort DB Field Names” to dynamically populate the search sort in the RG data source based on . How can I sort columns using a relationable table field (ie a field that references another ‘thing’)?

I’m interested in figuring out nesting sorting too. Without it, it’s basically not making my app possible. Any luck with this in the meantime @julian_digitalsilva?

It’s a limitation within Bubble not being able to sort a Thing A of a Thing B. In the meantime, I’ve replicated the data fields I need to sort on at the higher level Thing - not ideal for data optimisation but it’s a hack for the moment until Bubble gets this ability

Why is sorting coming up so much lately?

List Shifter has a mapped sort feature. (Sort thing in List Shifter by any arbitrary list.)