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Drawing on bubble

drawing on bubble… I need to use the ability to draw (with mouse) to create a signature box. Then I need to paste the image elsewhere. Can someone help? I’ll pay someone to make th plugin if possible. I’m desperate!

So for the sake of clarity, an iFrame box that the user can draw inside of (their signature) then when they hit “next” I will have it store to their profile. Can figure out a code that will work for the drawing portion. :frowning:

Have you reached out to @iamsalar from CoBubble, or the folks at AirDev, or the folks from Bubblewits? @vlad @stephanie @levon


I’ve worked out a solution using this signature pad, if you’re interested in taking it further I’ll tidy it up for a demo.

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YES!!! I need this!!! Lets move forward ASAP! :smiley: @mishav

@mishav What a huge help man!

Yes looks great! there has been a lot of requests for this/

I’ve put up a new thread: Signature pad example

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Hey, I am new to this. What do I need to do to implement the signature pad in an online form?
The signature pad looks great btw!

Its now in a plugin, that’s the easiest way to implement. Here is the post about it:

This post describes the sequence of events

This post has links to an example app …

Have fun with it, @lukas991