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Anyway we can et this signature to work with bubble?

I’m desperate to figure out a way to put a signature component in my software (something you can use your mouse to do signature). I can not complete my program without it :frowning: Can anyone help?

I would look at using a signature API and connect through bubbles API plugin. There look like there are many to choose from:

Best, John

Can someone do a walkthrough on how I can implement the API for e-sigs from the following site? I’ll paypal you for your troubles. This is the URL:

You might ask @iamsalar for a walkthrough

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Thanks for the shoutout, @skylershelton!

I’d be happy to help, Daniel. Let’s hop in a CoBubble session and go from there. :slight_smile:

That would be awesome! I’ll make myself available whenever you are. @iamsalar

Great that @iamsalar could help you. I’ll have to remember him next time as well.

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@romanmg also does coaching, and you should definitely sign up for her newsletter (which I believe the 4th one went out this morning, woohoo!)