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Hi there,
New to bubble and first time posting. I would like to be able to trigger an action off of a dropdown selection. For example, if CAR is selected, I would like to run a workflow to increment car’s counter for example.
I cannot find a way of attaching a workflow to a drop down, nor can I find the event’s input has changed.
I appreciate the time and effort in you replying.


Hey Kyle, welcome!

Try this: right-click the drop-down and at the very bottom select “edit/start workflow”. That should create a new event for when the drop-down is changed.

Then, add a condition to the event so that it runs “only when this dropdown’s value is CAR”… And then add your actions.

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Hi Gaby,
Thank you for that. I wouldn’t have thought of looking for that there. I was looking in the pop up box. Thanks again!

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