Trigger workflow based on dropdown value! HOW?

Hey guys,
How can I create work flow based on drop down option chosen by user?

Lets say
I have a search field
Search button

Somebody enters the query in the search field
Chooses the relevant option in the dropdown
Hits the search option

This should trigger a workflow based on the drop down option that is chosen.

Different dropdown values will have different workflow.

How can I achieve this?

You would create a workflow action for every dropdown value. So if you have 5 options on the dropdown, you’d make 5 workflows (such as what to do when value 1 is selected).

Then, you’d just put the dropdown value in the “Only When” part of the workflow action. Like this:

In this case, that workflow only runs when the fact find field is empty, but in your case you’d have “Only when Dropdown A’s value is ‘First Option on your list’” and then another workflow would have “Only when Dropdown A’s value is ‘Second option on your list’” and so on.

Depending on your goal there might be other ways to accomplish this as well but generally that’s how I’d do it at least initially.

Thanks bruh! that worked :heart:

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