Drop Down Field and Updating Boolean Value in Database


I am currently trying to use a drop down field to update a boolean value in the database but for some reason it seems to populate “no” regardless of value.

I have a form that collects RSVP data with a static drop down for yes/no attending:

The workflow on submit makes the following create in database:

attendance_flag = Attendance Field’s value is “Yes”

But all each record in the database seems to update with no:

Can someone help me with this issue?

Hello @iangoquingco Welcome to the community!

Change the expression to be “attendance dropdown value” … do not use the “is yes” … this is the cause of the problem.

if the database field is a boolean and the static drop down is a text… how can I do that?

This is correct to use value is “Yes”. I believe this may be a bug. Can you do a test and set a text field i nthe page with the same expression and check if this return yes or no according to what you set? You can also inspect in debug mode. You may find, for example, that you have a space after the Yes in your dropdown menu and this is why it’s return false.

Same issue

I don’t see the text element with the result. Can you share editor url in public view mode?

I think this should give you access, let me know

Did you manually enter double quotes around “Yes” ? Should look like:
Once expression composer is released

yes i did

So remove them…

yeah, that fixed it. :pensive: thank you for the help!

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