Static yes / no drop down menu creates empty input in database

Hi can someone help me with this simple question?

I am using a static dropdown menu for a simple yes no selection for a party RSVP to feed into my database by the workflow. The “Attending Answer” is the element dropdown menu input and the relevant column in the database is “Attending?”

However based on my workflow input below, my database entry column “Attending?” is coming up empty. Can someone please help me with this?

Is Yes/No a state on your Attending Answer element? (according to your screenshot, this is the case). Also, is Attenting? a yes/no field or a text field?

Hi Jici, im not sure what you mean by “a state” on the Attending Answer element
but the “attending?” is a yes / no field to answer the second question

Actually, you are using a dropdown. This return text (in most case). So I suspect that you are using a state Yes/No on the element.
You can see if there’s a state by clicked on i on top right.
In your screenshot, it should be Attenting? = Attending Answer’s value that will refer to the value of the dropdown directly.

is this what you mean? because I get this notification from bubble when I do that
Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 01.39.17

Yes exactly. But because this is a text, you will need to play a little bit with that
Complete the expression by: … value is “Yes”
This will return true or false

okay do I then do something else with the resulting true or false?

No because the field expect a true/false (yes/no) result and not a text. You have it now

Thanks a lot Jici it works much appreciated!

So if I understand it correctly, out of the “Attending?” = “Attending Answer’s value if ‘Yes’” expression above the "Attending Answer’s value if ‘Yes’" portion is actually returns yes or no? so the resulting yes or no is = "Attending?"

is this the right way to think about it?

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If the user select Yes (text) the answer will be yes (true). If the user doesn’t select anything (shouldn’t be possible with your setting) the result will be no (so false) and if the user select No, it will be no (false) too.
Because you are using a comparator (is… mean =), this give a conditionnal that will return Yes or No.

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that makes sense thanks a bunch!

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