Drop down list in many languages

I have a bubble app that runs in 12 different languages that the user can choose from - however, I have problems to define my drop down lists in these 12 languages - how do I achieve this?

Any help is welcome

You can put the languages into choices field so user can click the dropdown and pick one. (If define means to set up some options to users)


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Hi Samson Lee,

Thanks for your reply.

However this is not a question of selecting a new language that is the problem - let me explain.

In the different languages there are some drop downs lists each with there own values like - e.g. Colour - have values like blue, red, yellow and in German the same values would be "Farbe - Blau, Rot, Gelb and the question is how do I show these different values when changing to a new language?

I have tried to list the values in the language section but this does not work?

Any help are welcome.

So far, I can just think of getting the value by the following steps. From the dropdown element, you can set the type of choices to be language . Then use “do a search for…” to retrieve the value. But need to think how to connect the chosen language and make the corresponding change to dropdown.

This is a perfect example of where option sets would come in really handy. Using your example, you would have an option set of colours. you will have your set of options, and and a different attribute for each language option.

Now you simply need to store what language you user has selected once from a language option set stored on their account, and all of your dropdowns can be updated dynamically from the options set by selecting the correct language attribute.

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Thanks for your support - this is REALLY appreciated. I will try and test it out.
Thanks again for your support