Multi languages

Hello guys thank you for your help in advance
i would like to add more language on my page
either 1. we use condtion
2. we use app text none
none of it working even i refresdh do we need any specail work flow?

Instead of using if Dropdown language value = English, replace your text (in tab Appearance) with function APP TEXT as describe. And then go to the language section and choose your second language and make the require traduction.

language after:

thank you i have implement that already but i do user change to english?

how can we people to choose englihs?

In settings, languages, their is a value current language. Change it with a dynamic variable that point to language of that user preferred language in your DB.

this one isnt it??
so how does user can choose form their screen? what kinda of workflow should i use??
thank youu so muchhh

Sorry for long delay. This is what you are looking for. I’m visual :wink:

and :

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yess that one but its seems like we need to it in back - end is there any why that user can choose their language?
Thank you so much

Sorry, it was not clear, it points to a place in your database ‘user selection language’. So when your user login, you make him choose his language, and save it on that user database. If you want to use a dropdown to select any different languages, you make that selection change the special Bubble fields language I described.

To simplify our life, Bubble manage the languages, so you just have to specify or attribute a field to language settings, and change it according to user selection.

Hope it’s more clear :sweat_smile:

update: select the dropdown ‘Language field on the user type’ to see or add any custom field.

thank you so much so from the sign up process they need to choose language to save on datebase isnt it?

At any time, any place, you can add a dropdown to select any languages. It can be at the signup too (that’s what i do).

this is what am trying to do in here

am really sorry i dont quite understand isnt it same what i trying to do now like they choose dropdown and select?

Bubble as changed the language selection for english and spanish key words for en_us and es_es. Only older apps can used old definition.


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