Drop down with options set is not working

I’m building a dropdown with options from an option set. I can see dropdown with options but when I select an option from the drop down, it’s not captured. What am I doing wrong?

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 5.50.21 pm

Can you see the options if you click the drop-down?
Since you haven´t set a Default Value no option will be displayed until you pick an option from the drop-down list.

Yes, I can see the options but when I click on one it’s not reflected in the field. Even when I have a default option, the field is empty

Not reflected on what field?

What do you mean by ‘field’? A database field? In which case ‘how’ are you capturing it?

If not, then what exactly do you mean (where, and how are you trying to ‘capture’ the dropdown value?)

I mean the dropdown field is always empty after selecting the value from the dropdown.

Can you share a link to your preview, or editor?

Sure, here it is.

I’m assuming it’s a Bubble bug. I have the same drop down in a different project and it works. In this project any dropdown (different pages, different options) doesn’t work. Any help on how to debug would be appreciated.

Before you go down the bug path, @anna.korol, maybe you can share a read-only link to your editor because you never know when a second (or third or fourth) set of eyes can spot something you are missing. For example, you have 3 conditionals on the dropdown element, and while I am sure it is unlikely, maybe one of them causing the issue. Without being able to poke around under the hood, though, it’s hard to help on this one.

It’s standard dropdown conditions which I cannot delete. I have opened read only access under the same link.
Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 10.36.42 pm

I meant a link to your editor. What is the name of your Bubble app?

Oh, and the conditional tab you are showing in your screenshot can’t be the same one as your dropdown (unless you removed three conditions) because those standard conditions don’t show in the count that appears on the tab, and your dropdown conditional tab shows 3 in the earlier screenshot.

@mikeloc I found the editor link… KidlyApp | Bubble Editor

I’m pretty sure this has to do with excessive padding on a fixed height element…

That’s impressive, man. I tried to sniff out the name of the Bubble app and couldn’t come up with it. It’s probably sitting behind the scenes somewhere that I just don’t know about, eh? Or you just guessed it, which would make the feat even more impressive.

Yeah, 20px of top padding certainly catches my eye, too.


Having looked at your editor (and having replicated this myself to confirm)…

The reason nothing is showing in the dropdown is because of your excessive padding settings… (note: even the placeholder text doesn’t appear in the editor as there’s no space for it)…

You’re element has a fixed height of 48px, but you’ve got a total of 50px of vertical padding on the element (more than the element height itself!)… so there’s no space left to fit the text inside the element…

Either reduce the vertical padding, or increase the max height of the dropdown, and your text will have space to be shown…

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Some of the Cookies left on your browser by a Bubble app always contain reference to the original app name… (I don’t think there’s any way to change that…)

So you just need to check your browser settings, view all cookies, and search for the app URL… some of the cookies will start with the original app name: e.g. AppName_CookieName etc.

It’s also in some of the app’s JS file URLs which you can find when you view the source code of the app in your browser…

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I am an idiot! Thank you! Works perfectly with 10px padding


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