Dropbox Oauth API - API Connector Form

I’m trying to get the Dropbox API working in API Connector. I realise there are a couple of Dropbox plugins available but I’d like my users to be able to connect and upload directly to their own Dropbox account.

Have I encountered a bug?
Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 21.21.09

Even if I define a header value as Content-type : application/octet-stream as Dropbox insists in their API docs.

When I have the form Body Type : Form, which is needed to send a file over API Bubble sends it’s own Content-type : multipart/form-data which it seems impossible to over write with my own header value.

I’ve checked the POST call in Postman and it verifies with the Dropbox error response I’m receiving. It seems whilst having the ability to send a file over the API it is not possible to set your own Content-type in the header.

Am I missing something? Has anyone else been able to integrate their own Dropbox app into Bubble?

Have the same problem. Would be interested in knowning more about a proper solution here.