Dropdown default value = what it was the last time it was changed

I’m having trouble with the syntax for this one. I need the simplest possible way to tell the dropdown that it’s default (dynamically generated) value, the one that appears when the page is refreshed, should be the last thing the user has selected. I have found some workarounds, but these lead to long loading times as the selection goes back and forth from one value to another.

There must be a really simple solution, but I’ve been stuck with this for a while.

Any ideas?

You can either use autobinding on the dropdown or when the input’s value is changed, trigger a workflow to store the last selected value. Without knowing your use case, I can’t give a preferred implementation.


I can’t use autobinding because the selected value of the dropdown reflects on many more “things” than just the parent thing. The second one sounds like the way to go. Gonna try it out. Thanks!

I tend to stick these things on the User, makes it fairly easy.

I am experiencing a still issue, I tried the auto-binding but the results just go back to blank. Some assistance would be appreciated.

My dropdown is static choice if that makes a difference.

The reference might help…