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Dropdown default value based on repeating group text selection


I’m struggling with dropdown default value in Bubble, I’m still learning but right now I’m stuck.

I am using single page with hide/unhide groups.
I have a repeating group in the dashboard with a list of Company’s name. I want the user to be able to choose the Company by clicking the Company’s name in the repeating group then the workflow will change the state to “Company details” group.

In the Company’s detail group, I have a dropdown for the same list of Company name. I want to set the default value of the dropdown based on the user’s selection in previous state.

Anyone can enlighten me on this please?


Hi there, @kelvincy001… there are a number of ways you can do what you have described, and one that immediately comes to mind is to use a custom state. In the workflow associated with clicking a company’s name, set a custom state to the selected company, and then set the default value of the dropdown to the custom state’s value. Want to give that a shot and see if it produces the desired result?

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike, many thanks for your kind advice.

I have created a custom and try to set but the default value of the dropdown I don’t know how to set to custom state’s value? It prompted an error on the field…


Thanks alot!

The custom state should have a type of A1 Client Database so that it matches the dropdown’s type.

In the workflow, you will set the custom state to the Current cell's A1 Client Database.

Finally, I believe the default value for the dropdown will simply be the custom state’s value.

Ah ha! It works now!

Thank you so much for your help Mike!

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