Dropdown Dynamic Field Invisible

Okay so I have multiple dropdowns that are static and have only have a certain list they can go through but with my dynamic field, the options are invisible. I do have items in my database but I can’t see them in my field.

Static Field:

Dynamic Field:


Both of these fields are set up that same way.

Try clicking in the “Option caption” box and choosing “Current option”.


You are absolutely amazing!

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hey @JordanD … this helped me as well. thanks…
now another query…

I want to store data for users as a list of values, and while I make a “do a search for”… its searching for entire user base… and showing the list of data as comma separated items in drop down.
I want it to search only for current user, and that comma separated list to act as a standard drop down items individually select-able.
Please help.

Connect your data type inside the User field.

Screenshot - 2020-08-15T145341.570

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Thanks allot, this clue solved the entire functionality i was looking for.

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No worries, you can do the same for Option sets if you ever get to it :wink: