Pull Dynamic data on dropdown's Static Choices?

Hey guys, so I wanted to make this for a while.
Do you know how we have the Static Choices within the Dropdown element?

I wanted for example, for the user to see the options of his name, his company name, and other company employees as options.
My first idea was to just set the dropdown as static, and then List 3 or 4 options pulling data in each line, which dosn’t work because Static Choices from the Dropdown dosn’t have any searches.

Then I though on using Dynamic Data, type text, and them pulling from a hidden Repeating Group “rg-source” and this RG pulling from hidden inputs but I couldn’t quite figure that out as well. Do you guys have any other ideas for it?

For example, in the Stripe Checkout, I wanted for them to have a Dropdown choices for the card holder, another for phone number, and another for email. Where, each of these Dropdowns would have options for his own users name, phone and email, or company’s name, phone and email.

That’s not static data… it’s dynamic.

Hi Adam. I think you didn’t understood me.
I’m just using them as frontend filters to manage elements. For example. with code, it would look something around this:

If user_choice is Username, then field2 = username
If user_choice is company_name, then field2 = company_name
If user_choice is admin_username, then field 2 = admin_username

Really simple so they don’t have to rewrite everything, they can just pick from a list. For now, I’ve built with focusgroup with the static options pulling data. Whenever they click on that group, it fills out the “field2” input with the content from the group they clicked on.

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