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Dropdown Filter without table

I Have two Datas: occurrence and Cod. occurrence. In the occurrence, I have codes (unique) and the description of these codes. In the Cod. ocurrence I have several events related to these codes, limited to one subcode.

Cod. occurrence
Cod=600 // Description=asset breakdown
Cod=300 // Description=Operational problems

Cod=600 // ID=MB // Evidence=monitor break
Cod=600 // ID=SP // Evidence=Server slowdown
Cod=300 // ID=AP // Evidence=Failure to meet deadlines
I need that, when selecting a dropdown with a COD 600, a second Dropdown will filter only the IDs related to the 600 (MP,SP).

Hi there, @flaviofelisardo… if I understand your post correctly, the Choices source for the second dropdown would be a search for occurrences with a constraint where Cod equals the first dropdown’s value, and you will show the IDs of the associated results.

Hope this helps.


Thanks , @mikeloc. Exactly! I don’t know how to make this relationship in Dropdown’s type search. Can you help me?

Sure… does this help?

Yea! Thank you so much! Worked perfectly!

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