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Hello fellow Bubble Users!

I have a problem that is probably an easy solution, but can’t seem to figure it out. I have a data type called Blends that I want to filter by Type and Abrasive. Currently I have one dropdown that searched the data table “Blends” for “Type”. I want to filter the 2nd dropdown for 'Abrasives" by 'Type". I have a total of 102 different abrasive models, but only 12 types of abrasive.

How can I set a filter on a Dropdown to search by a certain type, selected in a previous dropdown? Right now the 2nd dropdown is showing all 102 different abrasives, but I want to filter it by “type” from the first dropdown. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

1st Dropdown

2nd Dropdown

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On the second dropdown use the :filtered function on the Choices source and in the filtered contraint call the first dropdown value.
For example Search for Blends:filtered then add the constraint Type = Abrasive type_input's value

If no option has been selected in the Abrasive Type option all the abrasives will show. But if a type is selected then only abrasives of that type will be available in that dropdown


@seanhoots thank you!! This is exactly what I need. I appreciate the feedback!

Hi @seanhoots,

Where is this ;Filter function? I don’t see it for my dropdown. I don’t know if this is the right solution to what I’m trying to accomplish anyway. What I’m needing, in my case working with a datatype called subjobs, is to have the dropdown show ONLY SOME of the available subjobs based on several names. I need an OR option when setting it up but I can’t seem to figure it out.


It’s a LIST type operator. Structure your expression to resolve to a list of any type and you’ll see it.

I am trying to do a similar thing but having issues. Screen attached.

FYI, it keeps forcing me to select “Text”. Something about a dropdown needing to display a text value. I personally went to “Device” as that is where the data is stored. Chosing “Text”, I get the first Dropdown to work correctly but trying to filter the second dropdown with the constraint of the option selected in the first is throwing an error.

Resolved: Down to my database architecture. I created a more standard structure and was able to select the correct options.

Hello Sean

I have the same problem.
I don’t see the name of the Dropdown when filtering…

Any idea how to select the value of the first dropdown list?

Thanks in advance